About Slappy Walker

About Me

Hey! I'm Kie Walker, and welcome to my little piece of the Internet. I'm a pretty laid-back guy living in Upstate New York...Saratoga Springs to be exact. I've been working as a Help Desk Specialist since May 2013, specializing in human resources systems. When I'm not working, I'm usually hanging out with my daughter and enjoying every minute we get to spend together. In addition to being a dad, I enjoy anything related to sports (especially the Washington Redskins, Oakland A's, and Detroit Pistons). I'm also big on music, movies, reading, and writing when time allows for it.

One of my college professors told me that writing was our way of sharing what was on our minds so our ideas don't die when we die. Prior to her telling me that, I never really thought what I had to say was that important. After she mentioned that, it made me realize that even the things I consider unimportant could be special to someone out there. I write because I'm happy. I write because I'm sad. I write because I'm stressed. Mostly, I just write about anything that's on my mind...